Flir Thermography Training

Thermal Imaging

Flir Thermography Training

Flir Thermal Camera Training
FLIR Thermography training courses are invaluable events for those wanting to get the most out of their thermal imaging camera or those in the market for a FLIR camera.

Course Content:
IR Physics:

  • Introduction to Thermography
  • The E/M Spectrum, Equation linking energy and temperature
  • Emissivity, Reflected Temperature, infrared wavebands
  • Camera types, applications

Camera Training:

  • Introduction to FLIR cameras
  • Features and functions of FLIR cameras
  • Operating FLIR cameras

Hands On:

  • Using FLIR cameras to take images
  • Evaluation of images Classroom

  • Making measurements, including polished
  • Stainless Steel Taking simple thermograms
  • Hot reflections / cold reflections
  • Calculating the emissivity of an unknown surface
  • Spot / distance ratio


  • Introduction to FLIR software
  • Downloading images
  • Analysing images
  • Generating reports

Flir Cameras

 The cost of the course is only $199 (inc GST)

Dates available through out the year for SydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaide

Please register your interest in the course by email to: