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DC Electronic Loads from Maynuo

DC Electronic LoadsTRIO Test & Measurement now distributing DC Electronic Loads from Maynuo Electronics

The M97XX series of programmable DC electronic loads from Maynuo incorporate high-performance chips and delivers high speed and high accuracy results with a resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA with a basic accuracy of 0.03%. Complete with easy to use application software, the Maynuo DC Electronic Loads are economical, high quality, easy to use and supported by TRIO Test & Measurement – leaders in the test & measurement market.

The Maynuo M97XX series of DC electronic loads are available in various configurations and suit a broad range of applications from production lines for cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, electronic vehicle batteries, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, and LED drivers, to research institutions, automotive, electronic, aeronautic and astronautic, maritime, solar cell and fuel cells etc, and of course general test and measurement applications.


DC Electronic Loads Features:

  • Six high speed operation modes: CC,CR,CV,CW,CC+CV,CR+CV
  • Over current, over voltage, over power, over heating and polarity reversal protection
  • High-luminance vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) screen with two line, four channel display
  • Intelligent fan system will automatically activate based on changing ambient temperatures
  • Soft-start time setting, activating the power supply in accordance with the set voltage value
  • Battery test and short-circuit test functions
  • Capable of rising edge and falling edge dynamic testing
  • Supporting external triggeron either input or output
  • External current waveform monitor terminal output terminal
  • Supports remote voltage compensation and multi-data storage
  • Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mountable
  • Edits arbitrary waveforms in list function
  • Available with RS232/RS485/USB serial interfaces.

Maynuo Software for DC Electronic Loads

Battery Test with DC Electronic Loads


From 150W to 200KW, there are many models to choose from:


Maynuo DC Electronic Loads Models

Agilent Oscilloscope Free Bandwidth Upgrades

Agilent Oscilloscope Bandwidth Promotion

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Take advantage of this limited time promotion between now and March 31, 2014 and supercharge your oscilloscope with more bandwidth for free. This promotion discount gives you the next higher bandwidth model at the same price–within the same series and same channel count.

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Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Platform

Graphtec Modular Data Acquisition Platform

Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition UnitThe Graphtec GL7000 is a modular data acquisition unit that provides an array of configuration options to allow virtually any industrial measurement.

The system comprises a processing unit and an attached Alarm Module. This forms the basic starting point for configuration. GL7000 Processing Unit

The addition of one or more analog and/or discrete modules completes the configuration and allows the GL7000 to acquire data either to its own internal memory or directly to an Ethernet- or USB-connected PC.

When used as a stand-alone instrument the GL7000 can record data to fast, non-volatile RAM, built-in flash memory, SD memory, or a USB thumb drive. An optional solid state disk module (SSD) is available that provides up to 64 GB of fast, non-volatile storage space with a maximum file size of 2 GB.

GL7000 Display UnitAn optional 5.7″ TFT HD colour  display unit adds a touch panel interface for easy configuration and provides data in graphical and digital formats without the need for a PC. The display screen can be mounted remotely and connected via a direct connection back to the main module via a CAT5 LAN cable, max 10m cable.

The detachable display module allows both stand-alone and embedded system configurations

Measurement settings and signal measurement can both be done without a PC by attaching the display module. The display module can be moved to different locations for remote operation by connecting it to the main module with a LAN cable*, it also can be embedded into the system. The module can still be operated by the PC even when the display module is connected.

GL7000 Display Options

Large easy-to-read 5.7-inch high-definition LCD monitor

Utilises a bright clear 5.7 inch wide TFT colour LCD monitor (VGA: 640 x 480 dots). Makes it easy to read data in wave form or digital form and to check measurement parameter settings.

Screen Display

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