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TRIO has been the go to place for many looking at where to buy an oscilloscope. We are the distributor for Keysight Technologies, previously known as Agilent and Hewlett Packard before that. Keysight have a full spectrum of oscilloscopes ranging from hobbyist models through to high-end, high-performance mega scopes!

In Keysight’s own words:

Oscilloscopes from extreme value to extreme performance.

Whether you need the fastest real-time oscilloscope on earth with the highest measurement accuracy anywhere, the only capacitive touch screen oscilloscopes, or something a little more basic, Keysight oscilloscopes outperform in every category. We are working continually to bring you oscilloscopes with breakthrough capabilities that help you solve your toughest measurement challenges. Like you, we’re working on what’s next.

Learn more about Keysight’s latest oscilloscope with Touch-Screen by clicking on the image below:


Of course, a premium oscilloscope will attract a premium price. For those on a tighter budget TRIO have a high quality range from Siglent Technologies to choose from. Siglent oscilloscopes consistently outperform other oscilloscopes in this market area.

0a6b06bSiglent are not just another Chinese manufacturer of oscilloscopes, they are the largest manufacturer by volume. The Siglent branded oscilloscopes compliment our premium Keysight oscilloscopes, allowing us to fulfill almost any need for a scope no matter the budget or bandwidth. Not only that, but are so confident with the quality of the Siglent oscilloscopes that each unit comes with a full 3 year warranty!

where to buy an oscilloscope

Take a look at the latest large screen oscilloscopes from Siglent by clicking on the image above.