Monday, December 18, 2017

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Siglent 4 Channel SDS1000X-E Digital Oscilloscopes

The SIGLENT SDS1000X-E four-channel series digital oscilloscopes are equipped with a 7-inch display having a resolution of 800 * 480, and come in bandwidths of up-to 200 MHz. SIGLENT’s SPO technology results in excellent signal fidelity and some of the lowest noise in this class of products. The SDS1000X-E has a minimum vertical sensitivity of 500μV / div and boasts a waveform memory of up to 14 MPts. Zooming in on captured traces is fast and easy, without losing resolution. It comes with a full complement of measurement and math functions and includes a 1 M point FFT function, providing for a more detailed spectrum trace. With its powerful math co-processor, measurements are made quickly and easily on the entire waveform, not just the displayed portion. The new four-channel scope versions build on the great 2-channel platform by including even more powerful features in order to further meet the requirements […]