SIGNALTEK II Network Cabling Qualifier for Copper and Fibre

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The IDEAL Industries’ handheld network cabling qualifier is designed to confirm correct installation of copper and fiber cabling capable of supporting voice, video, data and CCTV applications over 10/100 Megabit or Gigabit Ethernet. SignalTEK® II is essential for all installers of data cabling whether working in residential premises, small to medium-sized offices, or industrial Ethernet environments.

SIGNALTEK II Network Cabling Qualifier

Full Gigabit bi-directional load testing

Save time and improve the reliability of your test results with full bi-directional testing

Additional Ethernet troubleshooting capabilities

Maximize Return on Investment with the added ability to identify Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) and PoE+ issues, in addition to verifying Ethernet connectivity

Suitable for both copper and fiber

Eliminate the need to purchase and carry multiple different testers by using one device to conduct active and passive testing across both copper and fiber networks

Wiremapping by pin as well as pair

Save time on the job and locate wiremap faults more quickly and accurately by testing via both pin and pair, detecting split pairs and identifying the distance to fault

Reporting of test results

Simplify customer reporting and create accurate documentation on jobs undertaken using SignalTEK® II to generate and store test results in standards compliant XML format.Additionally, view and export results to enable report printing

Load test through hubs and switches

Save money by measuring available network speed without needing to purchase a separate transmission tester