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APT 400XAC Power Source

The 400XAC Series AC Power Source provides 1Ø AC, 3Ø AC and DC power in a single box.

The Associated Power Technologies 400XAC Series automated 3Ø AC power sources provide an advanced 3Ø power source in a single box.

When the smartCONFIG® option is installed the 400XAC can be switched from a 3Ø output to a 1Ø or DC output via the touch of a button.

The 400XAC Series consists of two models:

  • 430XAC is a 3 kVA AC power source
  • 460XAC is a 6 kVA AC power source

The 400XAC Series also comes with your choice of an automated interface and rack mount handle kit at no extra charge. Choose from USB/RS-232, Ethernet, or GPIB. Both models provide advanced features with a user friendly interface, that make them ideal to use in testing lab or production line environments.


  • Programmable output voltages form 8.6 – 520 VAC (5.0 – 300 VAC per phase)
  • Programmable output frequencies from 40.0 – 1000 Hz
  • Single phase input power requirements
  • Built-in power factor correction (PFC)
  • Remote Input & Interlock
  • External Trigger Capability
  • Single Phase / Three Phase / DC output push button selectable (smartCONFIG® option)
  • Advanced monitoring circuits monitor and measure voltage, current, peak current, power, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, and crest factor
  • User selectable metering for total power or individual phase power
  • 50 built-in memory locations with 9 test steps that can be linked to quickly store and recall test parameters for multiple product testing applications
  • Independent transient generations for simulating voltage spikes or dips, brownouts
  • Programmable starting & ending angles of the output sine wave
  • External voltage sense capability
  • Password protection and lockout capability
  • Traceable calibration certificates available

Input/Output Power Considerations

Special care should be taken when making connections to the input and output terminal blocks located on the rear panel of the 400XAC. Ensure that the appropriate wire gauges are used to assemble a satisfactory line cord. Failure to assemble a quality line cord could result in fire or personal injury. Refer to the following graphs for input/output power requirements:



400XAC Input Power Considerations

The 400XAC can be powered with several different input power configurations. Refer to the diagram below for connecting a single phase, 3 phase wye, and 3 phase delta power source to the instrument:

400XAC Configurations

Wye Load

Delta Load

2 Wire

3 Wire

DC Out