Associated Research New Production Line HiPot Tester

Electrical Compliance Analysers

A Safe & Innovative Production Line Hipot Tester The Hypot® Series sets the standard for safety and efficiency in production line Hipot Testers. Whether your application requires AC Withstand tests, DC Withstand tests, or Insulation Resistance tests, The Hypot Series Hipot tester provides innovations that will allow you to begin achieving best practices for safety and efficiency without the need for an expensive automated test system or connection to a PC. You can even connect the Hypot Series with the HYAMP® Series to form a seamless safety compliance system for Hipot and Ground Bond Testing.   BENEFITS DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND Data Transfer Take the pain out of your data transfer with on-board flash drive support and local data storage. Instantly import test files directly to your instrument during set-up. Save and record up to 1,500 test results directly from your instrument.   Barcode Capability Increase efficiency and production […]

Siglent 4 Channel SDS1000X-E Digital Oscilloscopes

Oscilloscopes Siglent

The SIGLENT SDS1000X-E four-channel series digital oscilloscopes are equipped with a 7-inch display having a resolution of 800 * 480, and come in bandwidths of up-to 200 MHz. SIGLENT’s SPO technology results in excellent signal fidelity and some of the lowest noise in this class of products. The SDS1000X-E has a minimum vertical sensitivity of 500μV / div and boasts a waveform memory of up to 14 MPts. Zooming in on captured traces is fast and easy, without losing resolution. It comes with a full complement of measurement and math functions and includes a 1 M point FFT function, providing for a more detailed spectrum trace. With its powerful math co-processor, measurements are made quickly and easily on the entire waveform, not just the displayed portion. The new four-channel scope versions build on the great 2-channel platform by including even more powerful features in order to further meet the requirements […]

Spectrum Instrumentation for Quantum Research


Case Study: AWG used for Quantum Research | Spectrum   Precision is always important in research and there can be few research areas needing greater precision than that of quantum research. The Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information at the University of Innsbruck, Austria needed an Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to generate a wide variety of signals for their research. Radio Frequency Regime The first application is applying a multiple-frequency signal in the radio frequency regime. Each frequency component is realised using a sinusoidal function.  The resulting beat signal is used to simultaneously address individual ions in a trapped-ion quantum simulator. The ion trap is shown in figures 1 and 4. Christine Maier, a researcher at the Institute, explains, “We are doing the quantum simulation with trapped, cooled calcium ions, for which single-ion addressability is essential. To achieve this, we send a laser beam through an acousto-optic deflector (AOD). […]