High Speed Bench Multimeter from Siglent


The SIGLENT SDM3055 Bench Multimeter has a powerful measurement test engine, measuring speed up to 150rdgs / s, 1Gb Nand total memory capacity, mass storage instrument settings, historical data, and external U disk external storage. The SDM3055 interfaces include USB Device, USB Host, LAN and GPIB (SDM3055A). It can support VXI11, USBTMC remote control as well as interconnection with National Instruments’ LabVIEW. A SCPI command programming manual is also provided in support of remote control operation programming.It is compatible with mainstream multimeter command sets and uses the compatible language with SCPI for transmission and control. Thus you can convert from your existing test environment easily.


Main Features:


  • 4.3 inch color TFT-LCD display screen with 480*272 high resolutions
  • Real 5½ digits readings resolution
  • Up to 150rdgs/S measurement speed
  • True-RMS AC Voltage and AC Current measurements
  • 1 Gb Nand Flash size, mass storage configuration files and data files
  • Built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouple
  • Support standard SCPI and control software on PC, compatible with commands of main stream multimeters
  • Supports dual-display function, Chinese and English menu
  • Built-in help system, convenient to acquire information
  • Support USB Device, USB Host, LAN, and GPIB (only for SDM3055A) interfaces
  • Configuration and measured data can be imported or exported via VXI 11,
  • USBTMC and USB flash drive, which is convenient for users to modify,view and backup


DC voltage measurement


DC current measurement


AC voltage measurement


AC current measurement

True-RMS,20mA ,200mA,2A,10A

2,4-wire resistance measurement


Capacitance measurement


Connectivity Test

Range fixed 2KΩ

Diode test

range fixed 2V

Frequency measurement

20Hz ~ 1MHz

Period measurement

1μs ~ 0.05 s

Temperature measurement

support thermocouple, RTD temperature sensor

Maximum input voltage 1000V

Maximum input voltage


Configuration Interface

USB Device,USB Host,LAN


Histogram Display


Histogram Display



Trend Display


Trend Display



Bar Display


Bar Display



Mathematical Statistics


Mathematical Statistics



Dual Display


Dual Display



Measurement Hold


Measurement Hold