Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition Platform

Data Acquisition

Graphtec Modular Data Acquisition Platform

Graphtec GL7000 Data Acquisition UnitThe Graphtec GL7000 is a modular data acquisition unit that provides an array of configuration options to allow virtually any industrial measurement.

The system comprises a processing unit and an attached Alarm Module. This forms the basic starting point for configuration. GL7000 Processing Unit

The addition of one or more analog and/or discrete modules completes the configuration and allows the GL7000 to acquire data either to its own internal memory or directly to an Ethernet- or USB-connected PC.

When used as a stand-alone instrument the GL7000 can record data to fast, non-volatile RAM, built-in flash memory, SD memory, or a USB thumb drive. An optional solid state disk module (SSD) is available that provides up to 64 GB of fast, non-volatile storage space with a maximum file size of 2 GB.

GL7000 Display UnitAn optional 5.7″ TFT HD colour  display unit adds a touch panel interface for easy configuration and provides data in graphical and digital formats without the need for a PC. The display screen can be mounted remotely and connected via a direct connection back to the main module via a CAT5 LAN cable, max 10m cable.

The detachable display module allows both stand-alone and embedded system configurations

Measurement settings and signal measurement can both be done without a PC by attaching the display module. The display module can be moved to different locations for remote operation by connecting it to the main module with a LAN cable*, it also can be embedded into the system. The module can still be operated by the PC even when the display module is connected.

GL7000 Display Options

Large easy-to-read 5.7-inch high-definition LCD monitor

Utilises a bright clear 5.7 inch wide TFT colour LCD monitor (VGA: 640 x 480 dots). Makes it easy to read data in wave form or digital form and to check measurement parameter settings.

Screen Display

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