Delta 3300W DC Power Supply, 1Ø or 3Ø Input

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Delta Electronica SM3300 DC Power Supply
Delta Electronika SM3300

Delta Electronika SM3300 Series 3300W DC Power Supply

The latest high performance programmable DC power supply from Delta Electronika is able to be operated on single and three phase power sources and is ideally suited to the following applications:

  • Solar inverter testing, PV-simulation
  • Automotive test systems and battery simulations
  • ATE in industrial production lines
  • Plasma chambers and laser applications
  • Controlled battery charging and discharging
  • Driving PWM-controlled DC motors
  • Aerospace and military equipmentDelta SM33000

The Delta SM 3300-Series 3300W programmable DC power supplies are designed for long life at full power. They have excellent dynamic response to load changes and protected against all overload and short circuit conditions.

EMC surpasses all CE requirements with low emission & high immunity. They offer low audible noise and the fan is temperature controlled. High voltage isolation up to 1320V



  • Operation on single and three phase input voltages
  • Standard Ethernet interface including sequencer
  • Large user display, menu driven operation
  • Durable digital encoders for voltage and current adjustment
  • Plug and play optional interfaces

Standard Features:

High Voltage IsolationHigh Voltage Isolation – A higher output isolation allows series operation up to 100 V for low voltage units and 1400 V for high voltage units.

SequencerSequencer – Arbitrary Waveform generator or stand alone automation.

Digital Voltage & CurrentDigital Voltage and Current Setting – Reliable, long life digital encoders are implemented at the front panel. Includes total front panel lock (also for CV- / CC- knobs) and a coarse or fine pitch adjustment depending on the turning speed.

Delta EthernetEthernet Controller – Ethernet interface for programming and monitoring

USB InterfaceUSB Input – (under development) Front panel USB input for exchange of settings and waveforms (host)

 Available Options:

High Speed ProgrammingHigh Speed Programming – A 10 to 20 times higher programming speed and lower output capacitance. Excellent for laser applications, test systems or as current source with low parallel capacitance as used in plasma chambers.

Two Quadrant OutputTwo-Quadrant Output: Power Sink – Two quadrant operation maintains the output voltage constant regardless the output power is positive or negative. Ideal for PWM-speed controlled DC-motors and ATE-systems.

Software ControlSoftware Control and Interfaces – Field installable interfaces: Isolated Analog Programming, Digital I/O, Isolated Contacts, Serial Controller with multiple protocols RS232, RS485, RS 422 and USB  (device)