AnaPico Phase Noise Test Systems now up to 26GHz

Phase Noise Test System – The new AnaPico APPH20G 26GHz Signal Source Analyser provides fast and accurate measurements of SSB phase noise and also provides full time domain analysis capability up to 26GHz and 50MHz offsets. Applying proven cross-correlation measurement procedures and self-calibration routines, reproducible, and accurate measurements are obtained even under changing environmental conditions. Automated frequency and level detection and self-calibration greatly simplify use and applicability. The phase noise test¬† instrument operates with either internal or external reference sources and offers measurements from 0.1 Hz up to 50 MHz frequency offset. It is a compact and powerful instrument available with LAN (VXI-11), USB or with GPIB (optionally). Platform independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), API library, and powerful SCPI command language set is available. The instrument can be controlled with LAN (VXI-11), USB, or with GPIB from any PC or laptop. Platform independent intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), API […]

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