Flir Introduces New EX-Series Thermal Cameras with MSX

Easy to use, point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras

FLIR Ex-Series cameras are point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras that give you access to a new dimension in inspection capability. A FLIR Ex-Series camera is an affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer. It provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. The combined image storage of the new MSX®, thermal and visual formats make the cameras incomparably easy to use.
Flir EX-Series

  Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)


A new, patent-pending technology based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor that provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time

  • Real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition
  • Exceptional thermal clarity to highlight exactly where the problem is
  • Easier target identification without compromising temperature data
  • Unrivalled image quality. No need for a separate digital photo for reports


Unlike traditional thermal fusion that inserts a thermal image into a visible-light picture, FLIR’s new MSX embosses digital camera detail onto thermal video and stills.

Instant Results in real time:


  • Sharper-looking thermal images
  • Quicker target orientation
  • Clutter-free reports
  • Faster route to solutions


Thermal image of a building. Thermal image of the same building, now using the MSX-setting. Note that more details are visible, making it easy to locate ventilation grids and see brick structure. The MSX feature gives depth to your thermal image.
Thermal image without MSX Thermal image with MSX

Flir EX Series

Flir Specs

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Flir Thermal Camera 2 for 1 Offer

Flir Thermal Camera 2 for 1 Offer

Flir Thermal Camera 2 for 1 Offer

Get a FREE i-Series Flir Thermal Camera with a Purchase of an e50 or e60

Thermal imaging cameras are becoming a part of every serious tradie’s toolbox. More and more electricians, building inspectors, HVAC specialists and plumbers are convinced of the benefits only a thermal imaging camera can offer to do the job faster and better. Being the perfect tool for so many applications sees a thermal camera in great demand on the jobsite. But this month FLIR has the answer with its 2 for 1 deal.

When you buy the feature-rich FLIR E50 or E60 thermal imaging camera in the month of September, you will receive at no extra cost an i-Series camera. It’s the little brother you won’t mind tagging along and it’s perfect for your right hand man or apprentice.
Buy a FLIR E60 thermal imaging camera and get the FLIR i5 at no extra cost. That’s a saving of $2,189* incl. GST.
Buy a FLIR E50 thermal imaging camera and get the FLIR i3 at no extra cost. That’s a saving of $1,595* incl. GST.

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