Keysight U5855A Thermal Imaging Camera

Keysight Thermal Camera

Keysight U5855A Thermal Imaging Camera – Variable Focus – as close as 10cm! with 4x Digital Zoom, 320 x 240 resolution at the cost of a 160 x 120
Special introductory offer – 10% off RRP until 30th November 2014
Reap the benefits of a high resolution thermal imager that fits within your available budget. With the Fine Resolution capability, you can achieve effective resolution of 320 x 240 pixels from a 160 x 120 pixels detector – four times more resolution, four times more details.

  • Four times more pixels with Fine Resolution capability
  • View finer object details with 4x digital zoom
  • Quick access buttons to easily change settings or functions
  • Long product warranty – 3 years
  • Ergonomically designed with evenly distributed weight
  • In-camera monitoring for temperature trending
  • Ability to focus on objects, as close as 10 cm away



Do away with sub-standard thermal images with our U5855A TrueIR thermal imaging infrared camera. The U5855A is ideal for predictive maintenance activities, from hot spot detection to thermal profiling in industrial or commercial applications and building inspection or medical research applications. With this thermal imager, you get 320×240 Fine Resolution capability but with less than what you’d pay for a typical 320×240 thermal imager. You’d also get to magnify the thermal image of a far-away object by 4 times to reveal finer details and quickly spot problems. Also, take thermal images of close-fit or minute components from as close as 10 cm away clearly and accurately.

The U5855A also comes with a variety of measurement and analysis tools to help you monitor temperature over time, do min and max temperature tracking and more so that you can easily obtain heat patterns, dissipation and etc. The U5855A comes with a built-in quick start tutorial to help you get familiar with thermal imager quickly.

What’s more, with the complimentary TrueIR Analysis and Reporting Tool, you can easily import, analyze and edit thermal images and quickly generate reports using ready templates. You can also display thermal images, visual images or thermal-visual images side-by-side for further analysis.


Get more details with Fine Resolution

Fine Resolution is a technology that restores the details originally inherent to the object while enhancing the resolution, at the same time minimizing fuzziness and noise. It is accomplished by performing sophisticated calculations on continuous multi-frames of the image – evaluated for misalignment caused mainly by hand tremor. The firmware then detects and corrects the information between images through one feature pixel.

Keysight Fine Resolution

With Fine Resolution…

  • Get an effective 320 x 240 pixels of radiometric JPEG IR image which is clearer and sharper
  • See fine details on objects as close as 10cm, especially when measuring temperature on small components which are close to each other.
  • With 4x digital zoom, magnify a thermal image of a far-away objects quickly to identify anomalies and to reveal even finer details.
  • These are essential for industrial, building inspection, electronics, as well as medical research.

Keysight Fine Resolution

Perform more in-camera measurements and analysisKeysight Thermal Camera

Capture thermal images effectively with its intuitive and easy to use tools:


  • Configurable quick access buttons that are able to change functions based on user preference.
  • Monitor temperature trends over time for quality checks when monitoring process parameters in industrial plant automation
  • Perform analysis using its extensive range of measurement tools.
  • Coupled with the U5855A’s high sensitivity of 0.07 °C, it can detect the slightest temperature difference to provide more accurate temperature readings.

TrueIR Analysis and Reporting Tool

Import, analyze, edit and present your thermal images to your clients swiftly with TrueIR analysis and reporting tool. With this PC software, you could change color settings and corrective parameters, add color alarm, or pick and choose any of the six measurement analysis tools or diagrams to help you present your findings to your customers clearly.
Also, generate reports quickly with the help of ready templates and then customize them accordingly based on your clients’ requirements.

Keysight True IR



  • Change color settings and corrective parameters, like emissivity, ambient temperature, atmospheric temperature, and more
  • Set color alarm
  • Choose between six measurement analysis tools or diagrams like spot, line, line profile, box, histogram and delta temperature
  • Capable to display thermal image, visual image, thermal-visual side-by-side, or fusion images as well as its associated photo or note tags
  • Create reports based on available templates and then customize them to suit your client’ needs
  • Generate reports in Microsoft Words or PDF
  • Eleven local languages to choose from – English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian
  • Download for free from

Keysight True IR


Keysight U5855A Front


Keysight U5855A Rear


Keysight U5855A Specifications

Flir Thermal Camera Promotion

flir thermal camera promotion

Flir Thermal Camera Promotion – save $2,800 ex GST on the FLIR E8

Flir Thermal camera - E8Easy to use, point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras

The FLIR E8 cameras are point-and-shoot thermal imaging cameras that give you access to a new dimension in inspection capability. A FLIR Ex-Series camera is an affordable replacement for a spot pyrometer. It provides a thermal image with temperature information on every pixel. The combined image storage of the new MSX®, thermal and visual formats make the cameras incomparably easy to use.

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX)

 A new, patent-pending technology based on FLIR’s unique onboard processor that provides extraordinary thermal image details in real time

  • Real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition
  • Exceptional thermal clarity to highlight exactly where the problem is
  • Easier target identification without compromising temperature data
  • Unrivalled image quality. No need for a separate digital photo for reports

Unlike traditional thermal fusion that inserts a thermal image into a visible-light picture, FLIR’s new MSX embosses digital camera detail onto thermal video and stills.

Instant Results in real time:

  • Sharper-looking thermal images
  • Quicker target orientation
  • Clutter-free reports
  • Faster route to solutions


Thermal image of a building. Thermal image of the same building, now using the MSX-setting. Note that more details are visible, making it easy to locate ventilation grids and see brick structure. The MSX feature gives depth to your thermal image.
Thermal image without MSX Thermal image with MSX


FLIR® Ex-Series for Building Diagnostics

FLIR® Ex-Series for Predictive Maintenance
Flir EX Series
Flir Specs

Disclaimer: All images on this web site are used for illustrative purposes only

 Image Resolution Comparison: FLIR® Ex-Series Infrared Cameras

Not sure which FLIR Ex-Series camera is right for you? Compare resolution to find the best fit for your application.

Flir EX Image Differences

 Zoomed in on hot spot

Flir Image Zoom

 Applications for FLIR® Ex-Series Infrared Cameras

See What You’ve Been Missing!

Only FLIR® offers a complete line of thermal imagers to cover a fast-growing range of applications.

Now, FLIR takes thermal imaging up another innovative notch with MSX® (Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging), bringing together the key elements of what you can see with your own eyes and what you can only perceive with an infrared camera to form one striking, definitive image. So there’s no more guesswork or messing around with extra photos.


Flir Samples

Flir Images


LAUNCH a Before and After MSX Demo

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