Keysight E36100 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies

E36100 Series Programmable DC Power Supplies


Keysight E36100 DC Power Supplies


Accurate, reliable powerFront Panel
The E36100 Series is the latest addition to Keysight’s industry standard family of bench DC power supplies, backed with Keysight’s standard 3-year warranty. Power your DUT with excellent voltage and current programming and readback accuracy. Use the power supply’s highly accurate low-current measurement feature for demanding measurements. Protect your DUT with built-in overvoltage and overcurrent protection, and count on the built-in overtemperature protection
to keep your power supply safe.

Excellent front-panel usability
The clean design of the E36100 Series front-panel lets you become productive with the unit very quickly. The easy-to-use rotary knob and keypad interface allows you to set the output at your desired resolution quickly and easily, with digit-by-digit control. You can store and recall up to 10 complete power supply setups from non-volatile memory in order to quickly change instrument states. The output on/off key quickly turns the output on and off.

Fast, industry-standard programming
Every E36100 DC Power Supplies Series model ships standard with both LAN (LXI Core) and USB (TMC488). The easy-to-use SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) programming language lets you create fast and simple programs with transient response faster than 50 μs and fast command processing time–less than
10 ms. You can also program the instrument with the power supply’s Interchangeable Virtual Instruments (IVI) driver. Use the Keysight IO Libraries Suite ( to accelerate your programming. The IO Libraries’ instrument-centric view and auto-discovery of instruments get you connected to your instrument quickly.

Web Interface




Simple, powerful soft front panel
When you cannot be near your DUT, open your browser and control the instrument via the power supply’s bullt-in Web interface, with a look and feel that replicates the front-panel experience.


BenchVue control and visualization
BenchVue software for the PC makes it simple to connect,
control, and view Keysight power supplies simultaneously with other Keysight bench instruments without programming.

  • Visualize the outputs of multiple power supplies simultaneously
  • Log data, capture screen shots, and save a system state– Recall a past state of your bench to replicate results
  • Export measurement data in desired format fast
  • Quickly access manuals, drivers, FAQs and videos
  • Monitor and control bench from mobile devices

The power supply app within BenchVue lets you control DC power supplies, visualize voltage and current output, log data, and annotate captured data (included in BV0000A, available as a free download at Upgrade to the Pro version (BV0003A) for unrestricted data logging with limit checking and status alerts. Use the companion BenchVue Mobile app to monitor and respond to long-running tests from anywhere.

Performance Specifications

Performance Specifications

Typical Characteristics

Typical Characteristics

Ordering Information
Keysight E36100 Series DC Power Supplies
E36102A DC power supply, single-output, 6 V, 5 A, 30 W
E36103A DC power supply, single-output, 20 V, 2 A, 40 W
E36104A DC power supply, single-output, 35 V, 1 A, 35 W
E36105A DC power supply, single-output, 60 V, 0.6 A, 36 W
E36106A DC power supply, single-output, 100 V, 0.4 A, 40 W
Standard Shipped Accessory
AC power cord (based on destination country)

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Keysight AC6800 AC Power Source

Keysight AC Power SourceMaximize your uptime with Keysight’s new AC6800 Series basic AC power sources, and test your devices with confidence your products will perform as designed – even if voltage from the AC power grid is fluctuating or you are facing extreme inrush current or transient spikes.


Keysight’s new AC6800 Series basic AC power sources offer the quality and capability you need:


  • Intuitive user interface – If you’ve used an Keysight DC power supply, you’ll feel right at home with these AC power sources.
  • Flexible I/O – LAN/LXI Core and USB (standard), and GPIB (optional). And you can access and control the source remotely via a standard browser.
  • Low cost of ownership – backed with global support and the longest standard warranty in the industry


Keysight 6800 AC Power Source



Easy Operation with an Intuitive, Time-Tested User InterfaceKeysight AC6800

The AC6800’s simple user interface allows you to easily access and view setup and measurement information directly from the front panel or programmatically. And you won’t need to spend a lot of time learning to use the interface.


If you’ve used an Keysight DC power supply, you’ll feel right at home with the AC6800 Series basic sources.

Set your display to show just the information you want

Simply click through the metering options to modify the display to show your measurement priorities and increasing levels of details.


The information displayed indicates both the setting levels and the selected output coupling mode or configuration to allow you to control the AC power source programmatically.


Measurements may be AC coupled, DC coupled, or AC+DC coupled independent of the output coupling mode. Whether you use the front panel or control your AC source programmatically via SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments), you can fully access all features.


Flexible I/O to meet your needsAC Source Web Control

Keysight AC6800 Series basic AC power sources come with LAN/LXI Core and USB interfaces (standard). For your legacy applications, an optional GPIB interface is also available that you can easily install yourself.

Set up, monitor and operate your AC6800 sources remotely

You can use the built-in Web server to remotely access and control your AC6800 Series AC power sources via a standard browser. This control goes above and beyond the LXI Core specification, giving you the ability to monitor and control the instrument from anywhere.

Add more flexibility with an optional analog input board to add basic transient signals COMING SOON!

If you want to generate non-sinusoidal output waveforms or output transient events, use the optional analog input, which allows you to create analog waveforms using your function generator. The analog input option is also useful in situations where you want to control the output voltage level with an external DC control signal.

 Keysight 6800 AC Power Source

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