Keysight Releases New TrueVolt Series of DMM’s

Keysight 34461A DMMThe Truevolt Series of digital multimeters (DMMs) is the next generation of bench/system 6-1/2 digit DMMs from Keysight.  Two models are the first in the Truevolt DMM series.  The 34461A is the replacement for the 34401A DMM. The 34460A offers a basic entry point into the 6-1/2 digit class of Keysight DMMs.

Only with Keysight’s Truevolt DMMs can you:

  • Display DMM results in ways you never have before:  Easily display, save and document your measurement results
  • Measure with unquestioned Truevolt confidence: Worry about the quality of your design, not the quality of your measurement
  • Move to the next generation 34401A DMM with 100% assurance: Everything you depend on with the 34401A and more

Keysight U1600 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes

agilent handheld oscilloscopeU1600 Series Handheld Oscilloscopes

The Keysight U1600 series handheld digital oscilloscope is full featured handheld oscilloscope that offers maximum versatility for current and future needs.

The U1602B and U1604B are dual channel 20 MHz and 40 MHz oscilloscopes that have built in DMM and recorder functions. They were voted No. 1 Product of the Year by readers of the German-language Elektronik Magazine in 2006. Read about the award.

The NEW U1610A/U1620A oscilloscope include two isolated input channels, certified to CAT III 600 V, that protect users and prevent damages to devices when performing floating measurements.

The U1610A has a 100 MHz bandwidth and 1 GSa/s sampling rate while the U1620A provides 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GSa/s sampling rate. With a maximum memory depth of 2 Mpts, users can capture non-repeating signals such as motor start up sequence and transient waveforms without sacrificing signal details. The 5.7-inch (diagonal) sunlight viewable screen uses VGA TFT LCD technology with enhanced color intensity to clearly distinguish waveform details. Its benchtop-like display and dual window zoom function allow users to easily identify problem areas and zoom in for more detailed analysis. Both models feature three viewing modes: indoor, outdoor and night vision. Each mode uses predefined contrast levels to help engineers and technicians to analyze waveforms under all lighting conditions.


  •     CATIII 600V isolated channels
  •     Up to 2GSa/s sampling rate
  •     Up to 2Mpts recording length
  •     5.7 inch VGA TFT LCD display (640×320 resolution)
  •     3 viewing mode display (indoor, outdoor, night-vision)
  •     Dual window zoom and math functions
  •     10,000 counts digital multimeter
  •     Datalogger capability
  •     USB2.0 full speed IO interface

Optional Feature

USB Host Capability with Option 001 – Allows you to connect to a USB Memory Device and download waveforms instantaneously. (For U1602B and U1604B only)


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