Extech Light Meter FAQ,s

Q. Do you have a light meter that measures light pulses/flashes or strobes? The Extech EasyView EA30 is the only model that can measure light pulses/flashes or strobes. It has a peak hold feature that can capture short light pulses as fast as 100µS (100 microseconds). Q. Do you have a light meter that measures very high light levels? Extech has Light Meters that can measure as high as 99,990Fc/999,900Lux with resolutions of 0.001Fc & 0.01 Lux. You can view the complete specifications of our light meters online. If you need more assistance, please contact our sales team. Q. Do you have a meter that can measure coloured light and light forms other than visible light (LED’s/Blacklight/UV)? All Extech light meters are designed to measure the intensity of visible light only (400 to 760µm). Extech does not have a product that can measure other forms of light (LED’s/Blacklight/UV etc.) Q. […]

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