ADLINK PCI-9527 for Audio Testing, Acoustic Measurement & Vibration Analysis Applications

ADLINK PCI-9527 24-Bit High-Resolution Dynamic Signal Acquisition and Generation Module

Audio Testing with the ADLINK PCI-9527

The PCI/PXI-9527 is a high-performance, 2-CH analog input and 2-CH analog output dynamic signal acquisition module. This module is specifically designed for audio testing, acoustic measurement, and vibration analysis applications.





The ADLINK PCI/PXI-9527 features two 24-bit simultaneous sampling analog input channels. The 24-bit sigma-delta ADC provides a sampling rate up to 432 kS/s at high resolutions, making it ideal for higher bandwidth dynamic signal measurements and audio testing. The sampling rate can be adjusted by setting the module DDS clock source to an appropriate frequency. All channels are sampled simultaneously and accept an input range from ±40 V to ±0.316 V. The PCI/PXI-9527 analog input supports software selectable AC or DC coupling and 4 mA bias current for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors.

The ADLINK PCI/PXI-9527 also has two channels of 24-bit resolution, high fidelity analog output. The outputs occur simultaneously at software programmable rates up to 216 kS/s. A software programmable output range of ±0.1 V, ±1 V, and ±10 V is available on the output channels.



  • PXI specifications Rev. 2.2 compliant (PXI-9527)
  • 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC and DAC
  • 2-CH simultaneous sampling analog input
  • 2-CH simultaneous updated analog output
  • 432 kS/s maximum sampling rate with software programmable rate
  • Programmable input range: ±40 V, ±10 V, ±3.16 V, ±1 V, ±0.316 V
  • Programmable output range: ±10 V, ±1 V, ±0.1 V
  • AC or DC input coupling, software selectable
  • Trigger I/O connector for external digital trigger signal
  • Supports IEPE output on each analog input, software-configurable

Supported Operating System

  • Windows 7/8 x64/x86, Linux

Driver and SDK

  • LabVIEW, MATLAB, C/C++, Visual Basic, Visual Studio.NET

Software Utility

  • DSA Utility



Dynamic Signal Acquisition Overview

Highly dynamic range measurement for audio signal analysis, audio testing, acoustic measurement and vibration monitoring continues to present challenges in the industry. To meet the needs of different applications, ADLINK announces the PXI-9527/PCI-9527, its high resolution 24-bit dynamic signal acquisition module with flexible input configuration and easy-to-use driver. The module provides analog input sampling rates up to 432KS/s and analog output update rates up to 216KS/s. The software selectable AC/DC coupling and IEPE current output also enable easy connection with multiple sensors.


Dynamic Signal Assistant (DSA):

ADLINK’s Dynamic Signal Assistant is a ready-to-run software utility designed for dynamic signal acquisition modules. A Windows®-based configuration interface for setting parameters is provided in addition to a real-time visualized data display. An instrument-style user interface is also provided for basic waveform generation. The Dynamic Signal Assistant can additionally log data from hardware modules. With the Dynamic Signal Assistant, signal acquisition and generation can be accomplished in just minutes, with no need for additional programming.




Acoustic Response Testing

Acoustic Response Testing
Historically, testing of acoustic response in audio playback devices has required critical performance analysis conducted by specialized audio engineers. In addition to design verification, acoustic response testing is also important in production line testing of multimedia devices.


Device Ausio Quality Testing

Device Audio Quality Testing
As multimedia devices in the marketplace increase in complexity and use, expectations for the quality of multimedia output have increased correspondingly, such that market leadership requires excellence of not only design and overall performance, but also output quality.


Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Noise, Vibration and Harshness
Beyond simply accommodating user comfort, monitoring and regulation of NVH can inform overall durability and may include analysis into the acoustic range. NVH management can be applied to cars, trucks and trains. Highly dynamic performance measurement facilitates accurate identification and analysis of noise sources.


Machine Condition Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring
Machine condition monitoring allows timely maintenance scheduling and preemptive action to avoid consequences of failure. ADLINK’s dynamic signal acquisition module provides flexible architecture for a wide variety of sensor input types.


Cost Effective Solutions for Audio Testing

Publication Download:

Cost-effective Solutions for Audio Testing (5.71MB)

The universal popularity of mobile devices presents potentially unprecedented growth for device makers. As the user base evolves, multimedia quality features increasingly as a major determinant in market dominance. Accordingly, integration of electro-acoustic components (i.e. receiver, speaker and microphone) into home use and industrial applications is becoming more of an industry mainstay every day. With audio quality thus recognized as a key consumer consideration, providers must maximize the effectiveness of audio testing in their manufacturing process.

This article discusses how high-resolution dynamic signal acquisition modules can serve as a low-cost replacement for existing sound cards while meeting all testing requirements for high-profile mobile devices


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Graphtec GL100-N Modular Data Logger

Graphtec GL100-N Data LoggerGraphtec GL100-N Compact Modular Data Logger with USB

PetitLOGGER GL100 is a compact  data logger system with modular versatility. Add sensors to customise your data collection.





Graphtec GL100 Data Logger

The Graphtec GL100 is a new compact modular data logger.

It’s body allows users to switch sensors and terminals for measuring various signals. The main body dimension is a slight 2.6″ wide x 3.93″ tall x 1.06″ thick (66mm x 100mm x 27mm).

Powered by two AA batteries (not included) or USB bus power (MicroB-A USB cable included). The GL100 has 4.9Mb of onboard memory and memory expansion via it’s Micro SD card slot. The GL100 body also includes one USB (Micro B connection).

Graphtec GL100 Data Logger

The display is a backlit monochrome with 128×64 dot resolution displaying measured values and settings. Recorded data is not displayed on the main unit; Captured data can only be displayed on PC using included application software.





GL100 Software

PC Software

The GL100 is supplied with software that provides excellent control over most GL Series functions.

It also provides convenient data transfer and control from your PC to the GL100 — as well asGL100 Software converting measured data into file formats that can be used with spreadsheet applications, data analysis applications, and other software programs.



 Main Features

  • Modular
  • Supports a variety of measurements by exchanging the input module
  • PC and smart mobile device software available
  • Industry-specific software: agriculture, logistics, power
  • Built-in memory ~4.9MB
  • microSD memory card port

Purchase your Graphtec GL100-N and then Choose your Modules





Add the GL100-N Dual Port Adapter for Multiple Logging Functions

Dual Port

GL100-N Configuration Examples

GL100GL100 Body | Co2 | AC Current Sensor Adapter | Temperature/Humidity Sensor

GL100-N configured with dual port adapter, temp/humidity sensor and carbon dioxide sensor




GL100GL100 Body | Co2 | AC Current Sensor Adapter | UV Sensor

GL100-N shown with dual port adapter, illuminance/UV sensor and CO2 sensor.




GL100 Body | UV Sensor | AC Current Sensor Adapter | Temperature/Humidity Sensor
Configuration using dual port adapter with temp/humidity sensor and illuminance/UV sensor.


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